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Monday, 14 July 2014

A beer and taking time out to glance at the flowers.

Midday I sat outside my house with a cool San Miguel  beer from the fridge and watched the energy saving flowers prefer not to sway. My bare feet suffered the heat of the path, lifted up and suffered again. A fervently keen trilogy of bumble bees landed on the lavender and took off again, each seeming to know what the other two proposed to do. The aged rosemary bush practically vibrated in the heat. The washing I had hung out only an hour ago was now bone dry. Soufie the cat lapped eagerly at her bowl of  tepid water. She ignored the small dead fly in the corner.



1 comment:

Christopher Frost said...

No work today Phil? Sounds like you had a relaxing time sitting out and enjoying your little garden and the company of one of your favourite cats