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Sunday, 27 July 2014

An afternoon in the sun. Bresaola beef and beer.

Today is the first day of a ten day holiday. Hurrah!!! I can't afford to go away but I do have plans.

Today I have caught up on a bit of clothes washing and clothes ironing and have the weird satisfaction of seeing several ironed shirts hanging in a line to dry off and the pleasure of a sunny day to let the rest of the ironed washing dry outside on a clothes hanger. The ironed shirts in a line has an under current of Gatsby of The Great Gatsby. Although I doubt whether Jay Gatsby would ever have considered a job at Tesco.

With the German radio station Die Neue Welle streaming radio on the background I have enjoyed a few beers and continental lunch of brie, pitted dry black olives with herbs, Bresaola beef and Serrano ham, chorizo and salchichon. For those unfamiliar with Bresaola beef, as I was until today, it is topside of beef infused with spices and extracts of black pepper and garlic and then air dried in Northern Italy, developing it's exceptional flavour. I brought it from the Co-Op store in my village. It had a light delicate flavour of pastrami. If I am honest I would say that I would have preferred the more dominant peppery and slightly wet taste of the thicker cut pastrami. More satisfying to the palate.

I am not a big eater of bread but I was tempted by the beetroot and apple bread from the Co-Op for £1.59. Best eaten on the same day I really quite enjoyed this bread and its subtle tastes of beetroot and apple and the crust was just enough to bite through without fear of tearing into one's gums.

Next door's cats posed for a few photos and then fell asleep in the sun. A good Sunday far removed from the usual Sunday that I work in the Tesco supermarket.

Harris stretching in the sun.

me enjoying a cold beer

Mdme Soufie in the shade.

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