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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Japanese style stir fry for a change.

I have been trying to eat more healthily of late and due to the fact that I have a lot on regarding my writing commissions and creative commitments this month I have been looking for tasty and quick options. In this regard I have made liberal use of my wok and whacked up a few yummy stir fries. A pack of stir fry veg can last two days as can 'straight to the wok' noodles. Boneless chicken pieces appeal not only to me but also the cats next door as they enjoy a titbit from Uncle Phil. Plus I got a bargain from my Local Sainsbury shop in a reduced pack four pork an pepper kebabs for £2.50. I got two good meaty stir fries out of that! Plus an almost out of date pack of mushrooms added bulk and a packet of Tesco's finest Japanese style stir fry sauce ( intensely flavoured Japanese style stir fry sauce combining Japanese 7 spice with zesty orange, sesame seeds and soy sauce.)

It certainly makes short work of the alternatives in preparing an evening meal and gives me some variety.

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