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Thursday, 9 April 2015

To Biftek or not to Biftek. C'est la question.

It was another glorious sunny day yesterday here in Nottinghamshire and for most of the day I had the kitchen door open to let in some fresh air and to give me easy access to the bench outside. Why struggle at the door trying to open it with a chilled bottle of Warsteiner beer and food in your hands when the open door provides instant access? Besides, I don't want to be found crying over spilt beer. Do I?

For a complete change and inspired by a beautifully illustrated book 'French Food Safari' I went out to the shops to get some thin chips to cook in the oven and a bottle of Mayonnaise. I wanted to cook the classic French dish Biftek. Guillaume Brahini one of the authors of the pre-mentioned book suggests sirloin, rump or filet steaks. I happened to have some rump in the fridge.

Brahini describes Biftek et Pommes Frites as classic bistro cooking that takes no more than thirty minutes (assuming the chips are cooked at the recommended twenty minutes in the oven.)

My steak was done medium rare. You can tell it is done this way because it feels slightly springy when you press on it. It gives a little resistance maybe even French resistance! For your knowledge a rare steak would feel soft and yield to the touch whilst a well done steak feels firm. Brahini cooks his in olive oil but I find it to rich for my tastes and prefer a light sunflower oil.

Enjoy the sunshine.

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