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Sunday, 30 August 2015

A welcome steak dinner and more tram travel.

Since Wednesday this week I have been enjoying travelling some of the way to work and back by the new Phase Two trams that get me from the city of Nottingham (train station stop) to Beeston Centre in only 22 minutes. This means that I have been able to get a bus home from the Broadmarsh bus station considerably earlier than in the past. Therefore I have been home in Ruddington within an hour from leaving work. Today was not much different even though it was a Sunday.

As it was good weather this morning I saved £2 bus fare by walking for half an hour to the Ruddington Lane tram stop (the nearest to my home) and I took the tram to Nottingham Station and changed tram to board the Toton Lane tram that dropped me off in Beeston. In doing this, I was at CaffĂ© Nero at the same time as I would have been attempting to catch a bus from the Broadmarsh bus station and therefore had another extra half hour coffee time before starting work! It was almost like being on holiday!

On the tram going to work on Sunday.

Caffe Nero interior

Almost like being on holiday!
After a full day's work I got home via the tram and a Loughborough bound bus and I opened a 'welcome home' bottle of La Chasse red wine and made myself some dinner: new potatoes, broccoli stems and a top rump beef steak with a creamy black pepper sauce. A fine way to start the evening methinks. Me also thinks that I might well watch some of the new Rick Stein series 'From Venice to Istanbul' on BBCiplayer. With the headphones it might just drown out some of the chavvy racket coming from the karaoke obsessed Red Lion pub next door. Why do the drunks in the doorway have to bellow so loud in order to communicate? Apparently they have got a Jaeger Bombs or as the harpy who went to get some pronounced; "They ant got none babe!!!!!!" I think the demented she witch meant "They haven't got any!"


Nick B. said...

Hey Phil, you may be interested to know you can buy a combined bus/tram ticket on the Ruddington Connection bus and pick up the tram at Holy Trinity. £4.50 for a day ticket (with better rates for 7 or 28 days). Not sure how that would work for you or if it may still be quicker going via Broad Marsh?

philip lowe said...

Many Thanks Nick. I will look into this. Anything to save travelling money. Phil