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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Sardine mania with salad!!

On the Tesco Extra fish counters across the UK sardines are currently on a crazy special half price offer of only £1.50 a kilo!!!!!! My work colleagues Paul and Alan and myself have been gutting and cleaning tinsy little sardines like crazy today. Paul the fishmonger put together a fabulous counter display for our daily customers. This is nothing unusual for Paul. He takes a huge pride in his work.

A while ago I wrote about a sardine recipe I had made involving sardines and tonight I cooked half a dozen in a new way for me. First of all I cleaned them all (split the bellies and prised out the guts and then pulled out the gills). In doing this you have to be very gentle as the fish are quite soft even if they are stiff fresh. Then I washed them under a slow running cold tap and coated them in plain flour.

They went into a low cooking dish with some chopped spring onions, tiny mushrooms, black olives, chilli peppers and a sprig of rosemary from my garden and got doused in a generous glug of olive oil prior to going into my pre-heated oven (gas mark 6) for three quarters of an hour to cook through.

In the meantime I threw together a simple salad with some crisp green salad leaves, mango chunks sliced thinly and given a meaty touch with two torn slices of left over Spanish Serrano ham.

The finished meal. A light autumnal supper.

A little more olive oil to dress the salad and it was ready to serve in under an hour.

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Robert said...

Little did I twig until now that you were the man selling me my sardines in Tescos on Thursday - eight of them for just 75p! Yes, 75p!
I made a onion, pepper and tomato sauce with garlic and basil in a iron casserole, then laid the sardines on top for 15 mins and cooked the oven at 180C for 15 minutes (not as messy as grilling). The result was perfection. Today it is mussels and spaghetti with whole shrimps. There has been a link on my to mug of strong tea since I started. I just hope you sold out. As good as any fish you can buy.