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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Spanish style stew made from skirt and oxtail.

Yesterday evening I made a Spanish style stew from skirt beef (very lean and very affordable) that I purchased from Tesco and added two large pieces of oxtail for flavour. The skirt and oxtail were dusted in plain flour and fried until brown. This was another of my improvised recipes so I used up half a dozen brown mushrooms and some chorizo slices from my fridge. Another half dozen small cooking onions got peeled and fried in my frying pan, again until brown. As the combination of the meat and onions and mushrooms were too large to put into one casserole I utilised two casseroles and left them to warm through in the oven for an hour on a medium heat. The skirt and oxtail cooked in some beef stock and the mushrooms, onions and chorizo slices cooked in a three tins worth of chopped tomatoes. When all had been cooking for an hour I transferred the lot into one big tureen to warm through for tonight's meal.


 This  (below) was the finished dish with some creamy mashed potatoes.

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