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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sardines in madras paste

Another quick and cheap sardine recipe from me today. Prepare the sardines so they are just the cleaned out middle section (with lightly scored skin ) and rub in plenty of madras paste available where you find the curry sauces in your local Tesco or other supermarket. To give some moisture to the cooking I added a half a tin of coconut milk and cooked the sardines for about thirty minutes on a medium heat in the oven. I ate them simply with some fresh romaine salad leaves and a chopped tomato.



Joy said...

That's sounds good. I don't use readymade masala pastes or powders, though. So I could rub it with a spice combination of my own and bake it with coconut milk! Thanks for the recipe!

Joy said...

Forgot to mention I'm at