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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Lamb fillet, Bratwurst and Chilli Jam. Making more out of less.

Apart from tonight when I was lazy and just fancied a glass or two of chilled white wine and some toasted hummus with pitta bread whilst I caught up on my writing projects after a hard day at the Tesco fish counter, I have been frugal and creative with my food of late.

As part of Tesco's Easter half price leg lamb offer I brought myself a fillet of lamb and cooked it with fresh rosemary sprigs (from the huge bush in  my garden) and a whole clove of crushed garlic. With the meal I made some roasted potatoes and butter fried field mushrooms and steamed spinach. Mint sauce finished this dish. Of course!

I had two old potatoes remaining from the pack of four and so the next night I went down the patatas bravas route. Here I added the cold sliced lamb to the dish and some more spinach. Can't ever get enough steamed spinach!

The last photo is a bit poor because it was nearly 10pm when I finally got my evening meal after spending hours on the internet chatting to my German friend Thorsten Feldmann. Regular readers may remember Thorsten from his correspondence over his German Christmas dinners over the past two years. So the photo was taken in low light with three or four glasses of white wine under my belt.

Continuing on the German route I had some bratwurst in the fridge so decided to use them up with some re-heated patatas bravas, steamed asparagus and a splash of Chilli Jam courtesy of my great friend Janette.

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Linda said...

I absolutely love lamb! Everything looks wonderful!