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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Meat crazy meals. Plus using up other foodstuffs along the way.

I do like a bit of meat for my tea but I am also aware of the amount of foodstuffs in my fridge that have a limited life so I have tried (over the last three days) to use up what I already have in the fridge and maybe partake in a small meat purchase or two along the way.

My rump steak came from Tesco on a half price offer I couldn't resist. I bought a thick piece like a mini joint that I sliced in two. As I often discuss with my customers - a thick piece of steak is more manageable in the pan. The pork chop is from my local butcher in Ruddington who laughs whilst he cuts the chops extra thick and they still turn to be great value and finally the smoked bacon that has been in my fridge for well over a week and needed cooking.


The medium rare steak was accompanied by noodles and stir fry veg and raw edamame beans. Once the steak was nearly cooked how I like it I wrapped it in silver foil and put it in a pre-heated oven to keep warm for five minutes whilst I stir fried the noodles and veg.

 The thick cut pork chop is cut through the skin along the length otherwise it will curl up in the pan as it fries.

Chorizo slices added about five minutes before the pork chop is cooked. Like chicken it is very important that pork is thoroughly cooked otherwise food poisoning could occur.

Pork chop served with fried chorizo slices, mushrooms fried in salted butter, vegetable couscous, shredded cucumber and edamame beans.

Pasta  (coated with the crusty remains of a jar of red pesto) with fried smoked bacon (four slices halved) those pesky edamame beans and a few crunchy Mr Filbert's French rosemary almonds. The almonds were part of a lovely thoughtful gift from my friend Janette. All the items in the picture below came from Delilah in Nottingham. Many thanks Janette for those and the delightful meal at Tarn Thai.

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