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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Becoming Sixty years old and finally trimming my bush.

Yes folks I am officially sixty years old (27th Feb) and spent my birthday at work on the meat and fish counters at Tesco, Beeston. "What!?" you say. "Didn't take the day off?" Well as it was I had run out of holidays and so I worked the Saturday that happened to be my birthday and actually, it was fun. My manager Stuart decorated my meat counter and I had a huge 'birthday' badge that wouldn't stay on my apron. I got loads of "Happy Birthday!" greetings from customers and strangers, some wine and cards from work colleagues and the day went by pretty quickly and pleasantly.

"And what's this about trimming your bush? Surely a case of too much information." Did I say bush (singular)? I meant bushes (plural). How remiss of me. Lavender bushes in the garden, they are the ones to which I refer. I trimmed the straggly bits off last Tuesday before the Spring comes and they start developing their flowers.



Bee on my lavender 2015

For my birthday evening meal I made myself a rump steak and black puddings with peppercorn sauce and new potatoes and French beans. This coming Monday (29th Feb) my friend Janette is treating me to a meal at Tarn Thai in Nottingham.

I am grateful to my friends who also sent me birthday wishes on Facebook and privately. Being sixty is actually very good.

1 comment:

Jean said...

Happy belated birthday, Phil!
You're right, being sixty is OK. And being at work on your birthday is ok too - as long as you make sure everyone knows about it!
I hope there was cake...........