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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Losing my passport and being ridiculously busy.

Catch up on my news on my life as a food and theatre writer and holder down of a full time job at Tesco:

It's a wonder I have time to cook these days! As well as working fulltime I am usually out three or four nights a week reviewing plays across the East Midlands for my website This theatre based activity is generally done on a Monday or Tuesday (my days off) but not always. Even so the evening going to see a play or show culminates in my staying up past midnight putting down my thoughts online in the form of a review. Then I am crawling out of bed at 5am to get ready for a day's work. And I do mean crawling. In between time I will be doing research on the play and downloading any press images forwarded to me by the regional press offices. Also my Sundays are now devoted to family matters.

As I am going to Germany mid-May (lots of potential sausage and beer stories there methinks) I need a passport. Well, I had a passport until an insurance company -to whom I sent it - managed to lose it! Luckily this was in March and - long story short - after several phone calls enquiring what had happened to the original they agreed to pay for a new one for me. In the end I was pretty chuffed about that because the old one was due to run out this year and now I have a brand new ten year passport that eventually has cost me nothing.

I have been re-learning my German language too and putting some notes together for a future book of humour about which I cannot really indulge my readers on here. Alas.
Meals have been a bit ad hoc and not really worth writing about as something unique. I have been trying to use stuff up from my freezer too with various results. Today I used up some chicken that I cooked the night before in lemon juice and lavender. I let it go cold as I was too tired to eat it, and today I chopped it all up and added to a couple of jars of ready made sweet and sour sauce. For a bit of bite I added a small tin of water chestnuts. I love egg fried rice so I took a bit more time constructing the meal than if I had just added some basmati rice to the dish.


Phil x

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