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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Singing with a lively cabbage in my kitchen.

I sincerely wish I could put the video on here but I got emailed by YouTube warning me if I did not possess the copyright licence to 'Git it!' from A Little Shop of Horrors then I could not use the track on a silly home-made video of me pseudo miming the roles of Seymour and the man eating plant Audrey Two. Here are a couple of stills instead.

"Feed Me Seymour!"

"Waddya want? Blood?"

The cabbage idea came after purchasing a sweetheart cabbage from the grocer across the way. This was at lunchtime and I had had a couple of glasses of wine. I thought it looked so much like the Little Shop of Horrors creature that I was inspired to make a video in my kitchen. It took several takes and a lot of laughing.

Eventually the cabbage got steamed and I enjoyed it with some new potatoes and Branston pickle and lamb sausages with a sirloin steak from the local butchers.

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