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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Pork Scratchings: Utterly divine or Witches' toenails?

Having randomly picked up a bag of locally sourced pork scratchings from the village butcher across the road I thought it would be a fun thing to ask some acquaintances and friends their brief opinion on the delicacy. For myself I wasn't keen on the cold fatty elements but enjoyed the crunchy bits and the salty taste. I normally like the fat of pork but when it is still hot not cold.

For some history into pork scratching I found this Freshers Foods site on the internet very informative.

Colin: They are a food from the Gods. Nothing better than a footy match then down the pub with a few mates then at least three bags! A bit cheaper if you can sneak them in from the outside.
Elaine: I agree Colin. The pub bag sizes are too small.

Austen: Ok let's first make sure we are talking about REAL pork scratchings, meaning they actually come from a nice little piggy. I cannot bear the fake/pretend scratchings. If possible get them from your local butcher. Do I like them? I LOVE them; salty; fatty and if possible with a few pig hairs attached.

Joanne: Pork scratchings equal witches toenails. Bleugh!

Elaine: I love them but the last time I indulged it cost me £36 in a broken tooth! Lol x.

Bee: Freaks me out when they have a little hair in it!

Vonni: Always have a great taste and texture. Oooh! My mouth is watering now!

Louise: What appeals is nice crunchy, salty scratchings.

Jayne: Wierdly, I love crackling but not scratchings.

Alison: Quite simply... nom!

Gerd: Göttlich – divine. We ate some in English pub with beer. Super.

Sally: I actually adore them and I bought a five pack the other day! I couldn't help myself. That was until I found one of the crackling bits with a hair on it. Yuck! Chucked that one away and ate the rest but felt queasy afterwards. Best when you are drunk.

George: It's just crackling isn't it? Isn't it? Don't tell me it's something else like pig bum. That'd be gross. Crackling is the best bit of the pig. Must go out and get some from Sainsbury's now!

Claire: We don't eat pork although my husband tried some smoky bacon crisps once. He didn't look at the packet. He threw up.

Tom: I love them. They creep me out but do have a sort of love/disgust relationship with them.

Matt: They are revolting if you think about them and what they are but they are also very tasty.

Jon: It is fried pig skin, right? I know this is a British delicacy.

Erica: F***ing love them. I eat them in secret. God I hope my husband doesn't see this. Last time I bought some was three years ago and I wolfed them down pretty quick in my car. I remember it well. I drove to a Tesco's car park and I then disposed of the evidence even quicker.

Dawn: When me and the girls go out on a bender they are a ritual. The pub we go to sells proper ones, all thick and hairy from the village butcher next door. I don't think I like them that much but we always go for it when we've had a few too many. I always feel dirty immediately afterwards.

Carrie: Guilty pleasure but I can't eat a whole bag. Far too salty.

Ian: They're amazing, the whole reason for eating pork is the crackling.

Pat: Love them but they are so fatty we maybe only have them once a year. Each one has to be examined carefully as the hairy ones make me feel sick.

Chris: I do like them but my partner looks at me in disgust as I crunch them. Can't think why.

Andy: They're the dog's bollocks! Well nothing to do with a dog's bit and pieces obviously but we love 'em.

Daniel: Absolutely rancid! Bleugh!

Stephen: I once saw some microwavable pork scratchings in a supermarket. Sorry but that just sounds wrong. If I was getting them I would go to my butcher. He does the best. Shame it is a Sunday he isn't open now. Thanks.

Anita: Never tried but we (in Mexico) have Cueritos which are same as pork rinds but soft and chewy. Our chicharrón is like pork scratching – very crispy but sometimes too so.

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