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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

What the Frik? Home-made German hamburgers galore!

Frikadellen is the plural for a traditional German hamburger. As a recipe the hamburger mix seems pretty variable with no strict 'must have' rules. The one I found online was equally adaptable and I used a one pound portion of lean minced beef (ground beef) as I was too late to get pork mince from my local butcher I just finely chopped up some boneless pork loin that was chillin' in my fridge. Everything else I used from my larder. I don't do strict recipes so bear with me on this one.

Ingredients: One small cooking onion finely chopped and half a garlic bulb equally chopped. Two slices of soda bread (bread type optional) de-crusted and soaked in cold water for a few minutes then wrung free of water. Salt and pepper to taste and a dessert spoon of hot paprika powder. Two fresh eggs.

Bang 'em all in a mixing bowl and enjoy slushing the mixture around until a thoroughly mixed up mush. Pre-boil some new potatoes and allow half an hour cooking time to match frying the Frikadellen.

Take handfuls of the Frikadellen mixture and make into patties. If you happen to have bread crumbs then coat the patties in the crumbs to kept the mixture solid. Cook and turn for ten to fifteen minutes in the frying pan medium heat. Should end up looking beautifully brown.

Serve as you wish. I served them with Gerkins and boiled new potatoes and a dab of chilli jam for extra heat.

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