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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Pretending I am on holiday in France

As I can't afford a holiday in France right now and I have two weeks leave from work I had some fun in the last few days pretending I was in France at various locations around Nottingham and Leicester.

At Cote Brasserie Central Avenue West Bridgford Nottingham

Looking French with a baguette at a deli

Bouillabaise at Café Rouge
French style rooftops in central Nottingham.
Café Rouge Leicester

Eyeing up the Puy lentils

Coffee and cake at French Living Nottingham

Lavender sniffing


Belgian bier at Belgo

People watching at a café

Dreaming of the south of France

"Palm Trees!"

Vibrant food market (Leicester sur Mer)

Café Rouge Leicester

French Living King Street Nottingham.

Interior (part of) at French Living.

Café society in West Bridgford

M. Fishstu poisoniairre at the Victoria Centre. Notts.

Moules from M. Fishstu

See also my latest blogpost about a brilliant French cookery book that is ridiculously easy to use. I love it.

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Jean said...

Bon vacances!