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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Simplissime. The Easiest French Cookbook in The World? I think it is! I love it!

As an aside, thank you to all my lovely readers who have been using the Amazon banner link at the top of this blog. Your purchases big or small are appreciated by me and the little bits of commission I receive help to fund my cooking so that I can share some nice European cooking ideas with you.

Now to Simplissime by Jean- François Mallet. I had heard about this book and the appeal for me was in its very simplicity. I love cooking as you know, but often expensive ingredients or complex recipes put me off. This is now the best selling cook book in France and it is so easy and simply laid out it encourages you to give things a go. And it is now in English! It has over 180 French recipes and I tried one out just a few days ago. It was the Gratin Dauphinois, a creamy cheesy potato bake. It was totally delicious. Next stop page eight Parmesan and olive biscuits! All I need is some butter and I already have everything I need!

To order Simplissime (English translation) click the shop now link above.
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I cooked the Gratin Dauphinois as an accompaniment to a rather over large boned and rolled pork hand that I purchased from my local butcher. More about this in another blogpost.

Nice easy to understand layout.

The cooked hand of pork.

Cooked Gratin Dauphinois

Roast hand of pork, gratin dauphinois and home made apple sauce

This was one of the most delicious meals I have made in a long time and well worth having the oven on on a hot day for three hours for the pork! The gratin took only an hour to cook. Easy. As Jean- François Mallet author of Simplissime says in his introduction; " Combining simple flavours and ingredients makes it perfectly possible to cook nice little dishes or even large meals without spending hours doing so. Have a great time in the kitchen enjoying the results."

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Jean said...

Looks like an excellent book!
I'll put it on my birthday list!