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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Singing on the fish counter? Am I losing my mind?

Being rather a fan of musical theatre and also reviewer of amateur and professional musical theatre shows I do find myself quietly (that is the operative word – quietly) singing snippets of show songs in my day job on the fish counter at Tesco. It keeps me entertained if no-one else. Well, lovely readers, it's not just musical theatre because, this last week the songs of David Bowie have been in my head and partly sung to myself as I move around the store. This includes taking rubbish to various cages at the back of the Tesco store, going upstairs for my breaks and to places I otherwise inhabit around the Tesco Extra store at Beeston. I appear to become particularly vocally excited at going home time and the songs go from maudlin to jaunty. Not sure why that might be. My co-workers all seem remarkably tolerant of my sung mumblings expect one miserable young man who scowls at me as I pass by him in my jolly musical mode. I fear that anyone over thirty is beyond contempt in his world view. Do I give a shit? Naaaaah!

I even get ideas for a piece of musical theatre set in a supermarket from time to time. Note to self. Must work on this.

A lot of my ahem 'singing' is from shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, Les Misérables, Follies,  Company, Mack & Mabel, Cabaret, Cats, Mary Poppins, West Side Story, Barnum, Godspell, Guys and Dolls, The Rocky Horror Show, Chicago, A Chorus Line, Evita, Linie 1, Sunday in The Park With George, Martin Guerre, Miss Saigon, Spamalot and my first musical theatre love – Jesus Christ Superstar. I try not to think about Mamma Mia otherwise I get a wretched ear worm for weeks and can't stop those Abba classics going round and round in my head. Interestingly I have no particular desire to see the show.

The songs from Sondheim's Into The Woods can be in my head for weeks – curse them and their catchiness! I am going to review two separate productions of Bugsy Malone soon and fear that the jaunty song 'Fat Sam's Grand Slam' will be haunting me very soon. Too late!

“Anybody who is anybody
Will soon walk through that door
At Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy!!!!”

Maybe I should go all camp and sing 'My name is Tallulah' instead. Could be fun.

As I type I wonder if there is a musical about dead fish? From a Google search, it appears not but there is a Brazilian hard core band that formed some years ago in Vitória Espirito Santo in 1991. They were originally called Dead Fresh Fish but shortened their name just to Dead Fish. I wonder if they were classically trained and had to learn the scales!? Ha! From a few viewings on Youtube they seem to be pretty rocking guys! I might learn a couple of their songs and freak out our pensioner customers with my ear piercing air guitar skills with a whole salmon as my pretend guitar!

Or maybe I am just singing along unaccompanied and generally  'Losing My Mind' hahahaha!

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