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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My entry in a comedy writing competition.

Hi there dear readers. The other day I entered my very first actual comedy writing competition. The competition is connected with a touring theatre production of Anita and Me starring Shobna Gulati and the premise is that entrants write a piece of comedy in any format relating to one of the themes of the show. There is  500 word limit. The first prize is £300.

I chose to write about the theme of racism and yes, whilst racism certainly isn't funny, some humour can be had out of exposing the bigotry and ignorance of others like Alf Garnett in Til Death Do Us Part for example.

As I like to write about food I made up a composite character called Mr Donald J Ducky based on the Nottingham accent and things I have heard people express over time about their aversion to anything foreign.

I would therefore like you to please check out my COMEDY WRITING SUBMISSION and if you like it please help me by 'liking' the pink heart next to my work. I have 40 likes so far and would love to build this to 50. I have plans to build on this character and his friends and make people laugh at their off kilter world view. I cannot reproduce the comedy writing on here because one of the rules is that it has never been published before.

Thanks for checking it out. Oh and do share this post with anyone you think might be interested in reading my comedy stuff at 60Plussitdowncomedy.

Phil Lowe

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