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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Do you like to socialise over a coffee and cake?

Can you imagine being treated to a luscious piece of chocolate cake and a coffee? It would feel great wouldn't it? Likewise if you treated a friend to the same. You would be making someone happy for about £5 and having a enjoyable social time.

This last week I asked my facebook friends if they would consider donating a small sum to a much needed fund (£85) to enable me to pay my annual fee for my Theatre website. I am only asking the once and because as a single person I struggle on what I get paid in my supermarket job.

I use this website to promote theatre and shows throughout the East Midlands and I do all the many hours of promo work for free on your behalf as potential theatre goers. Some people have been kind enough to donate for which I am very grateful but we are not quite there yet to reach the total by 25th August. 

If after reading this you would still like to contribute please use my PayPal address Even a couple of quid would make me much much happier than a coffee and cake and you wouldn't have to listen to me going on and on about the habits of the cats! Thank you to those who have already given and those that may.

Philip Lowe

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