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Friday, 30 July 2010

French nights at Broadway.

Over the month of July the Broadway cinema on Broad Street, Nottingham, have had a season of French films showing such as: Heartbreaker, White Material, J’ai Pas Sommeil, Partir, Le Concert, MicMacs, Nenette et Boni, and Gainsbourg. To compliment the films they have created French Food nights throughout the month as well as some wine tasting nights. All of their dishes are £6.95 and the events are very popular and create a real buzz in the cinema. The Broadway cinema is one of my favourite places to hang out and I often pop in for a filter coffee for a mere £1.40. A refill is free. Just lately I have become addicted to the almond croissants they offer. Yum!
Broadway Cinema

Here are some of their latest dishes in relation to the French food evenings.

Chicken salad – strips of chicken fillet in smoked paprika and Tabasco, mixed peppers and salad with a blue cheese dressing.

Chicken Cacciatoré – diced chicken, peppers and mushrooms cooked with tomatoes, white wine and oregano. S/W bread and salad leaves.

Normandy pork – diced pork, smoky bacon and apricots cooked with white wine, grainy mustard and thyme.

Sesamé peanut noodle salad. Noodles with strips of pepper, courgette, carrots and baby corn in a coconut, peanut and sweet chilli dressing served cold with mixed leaves.

Nut loaf with vegetable burritos.

For the North African (French speaking) night to celebrate the showing of White Material.

Salata Meshwiya – Tunisian speciality – fresh vegetable and flaked tuna fish salad topped with boiled egg, capers and a lemon dressing.

Tagine de Poulet aux Pruneaux et Miel – A dish typical of the ancient North African tradition made with chicken slow cooked with prunes and honey finished with almonds and saffron served with fruit and nut couscous.

Sausage Tagine – Spicy sausage served with dates, apricots, onions, courgette, squash, peppers and tomato with a blend of herbs and spices served with fruit and nut couscous.

Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine – Aubergine, chickpeas, carrots, squash and dates slow cooked with tomatoes and aromatic herbs and spices served with fruit and nut couscous.

Tunisian Meatballs – A trio of beef, saffron, nutmeg and fresh parsley meatballs in a Tunisian style tomato and herb sauce served with rice and salad garnish.

Loubia B’Dersa – A north African version of chilli with tomatoes, fresh chillies, cumin and navy beans served on rice with salad garnish (vegan)

South West of France French Food Night . Partir.

Prawn Ragoût – Black tiger prawns, fennel and red peppers cooked with tomato, tarragon, parsley and orange served with bread and salad.

Cassoulet – Toulouse sausage, smoked bacon, carrots, courgettes and cannellini beans slow cooked with fresh thyme, rosemary and basil served with bread and salad.

Cassoulet dish

Corsican Pork – Diced pork, smoky bacon, chorizo sausage and mushrooms in a rich herby red wine sauce served with salad and bread.

Beef Bourguignon – Diced beef, smoky bacon, mushrooms, carrots and celery slow cooked in red wine with fresh tarragon, oregano, thyme and parsley served with bread and salad.

Vegetable Provençal – Aubergines, peppers, courgettes, celery and olives slow cooked with read wine and fresh herbs served with bread and salad.

Chevre Salade – A fresh rocket, basil, caper, roasted pepper and sun dried tomato salad in a light pesto dressing topped with grilled goats cheese and fresh baguette bread (vegan)

There was a Parisian French Food night matched with Le Concert which I missed so I am unable to list any of the delicious foods on offer that night. Thanks to Dave at Broadway for allowing me to copy the menus.


Janette Jones said...

Wow, reading this has made me so hungry! Definitely need to go to the next French night and definitely need to try one of those croissants!

Gail's Man said...

I must have missed this one Phil, as I haven't seen it advertised anywhere. Mind you, I've only been to the Broadway once, and that was to audition as an extra for the Manson film.

Phil Lowe said...

Janette: They are yummy! I could do with one right now.

GailsMan: They are advertised in the brochure. An extra in the Manson film? lol

Gail's Man said...

Yes, I was going to play a barman, but the day of shooting coincided with the balloon flight that Gail and I had booked, so I sadly missed out to some other lucky person.