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Thursday, 15 July 2010

design and comment moderation

Hi guys. I have changed the design on the blog because I felt the foodie design was too busy. Also I have changed the comments moderation so that I choose the comments that are to appear. I have done this for one reason only. I am rather bored with having to delete constant spam from a Chinese porn site every time I put up a new posting. Sorry if you nice folks have to wait for your comment too appear but enough is enough. Cheers, Phil xx


Jean said...

I have been having the same trouble with the chinese person. What a pain.
It's a pity these people haven't got better things to do with their time and talents. The world would be a much better place.

Gail's Man said...

Fortunately I'm not spammed too often. I do tend to get companies leaving messages: "Hi, we love your photo, come visit x company for some special offers"

All a bit of a pain.

John Medd said...

Chinese porn or Cantonese porn?

Phil Lowe said...

Jean, I couldn't agree more. It's pathetic isn't it?

GM.I've moved mine to all those commenting having to have a google acount and all comments to be moderated -always.

Dean: Pass. The script is Chinese and the pictures are young Chinese women. I know from the first time I ever clicked on it.

Dean said...

Such a pain pity there isnt much else you can do apart from this, Love the new design by the way.chogr

Phil Lowe said...

Dean: thanks for compliment on the new design. I think that it is rather classy and I have had great joy in just removing two of the wretched Chinese porn links on this post! Ho ho ho!