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Saturday, 31 July 2010

kitten cafes? Feline good?

I've just read a piece in a magazine about Japan (where else?) and the Japanese phenomenon of Kitten Cafes where you can have your food and beverage whilst having the added bonus of stroking a pussy or two. Apparently pets are generally frowned upon or even forbidden in the apartments of the Japanese and this cat lovers style cafe is very popular. However you can't just march in and start cuddling kitties, oh no. You have to be disinfected first and your belongings stored away in a locker. Then and only then can you begin to have feline fun with moggy-san.

The cats help the visitors to chill whilst in their company but not one of them has yet to pay the bill. There has been a rumour going around that a mother cat and her kitten dined there and  had an arguement about the bill paying which turned into a furious spat and fur flying. They haven't miaowed to each other for several days now.

Meanwhile I'll continue to cuddle my neighbours' cats for free.

Me and Mr Harris -san.


Janette Jones said...

I'm surprised that the cats don't get served up with a sprig of parsley! Only the Japanese can invite such a thing!

Phil Lowe said...

Noooo! Happy purring pussies only Janette. They are even allowed to sit on the table. Naughty cats! lol

Gail's Man said...

Wonder if Japanese purring sounds any different to English purring?