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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hey baldy!!

I remember once when I was in my teens and was playing football with my school friend Steven in the cul-de-sac where I lived. It was about 4.30pm and in the distance I saw my Dad cycling home from his day’s hard graft at Rolls Royce. He always got off his bike at the bottom of the hill and pushed it the short journey home. My Dad was very strict and so why, on this fateful evening, I suddenly shouted out “Hey baldy!” as he came up the hill I know not. The balding ‘comb over’ haircut he sported was not to be ridiculed and I was banned from seeing my mate Steve for a week and got a smack round the ear for my incredible cheek.

Early years with blonde hair.

My hair over the years has gone the way of my Dad’s – down the plughole of life. Unlike him I’ve never been that bothered about my hair loss and the last thing I would do as an adult is attempt the combed over look. It looks so silly especially when the wind gets up and long strands wave about like seaweed in a strong tide.

Nine years old. Unkempt with blonde streak
For this blog I wanted to connect this amusing story with food and so I Googled something like ‘hair loss and food’. I found an article and was very interested in this extract below.

‘A wholesome diet, rich in silica, calcium and iron, will help reduce or prevent hair loss. Green, leafy vegetables, especially sea vegetables, are good mineral sources. Raw oats provide silica. Dried fruits and cherry juice are rich sources of iron.

For men, the balding process can be slowed down by taking a low-fat diet. Some scientists postulate that the male pattern baldness is tied to increased testosterone levels during puberty. A high-fat, meat-based diet raises testosterone levels, and that may adversely affect hair follicles. For example, in Japan, male pattern baldness was very rare prior to World War II when the diet was lean and healthy. The Japanese now consume a more fatty, Westernized diet. Baldness is now increasing substantially among Japanese men. Eating low-fat foods may not stop hair loss; but it might help slow down the hair loss.’

Leo Sayer look. 19 yrs old
I’ve also put together this little collection of pictures of me at various stages in my life to illustrate the disappearing locks.

Early twenties look complete with bum fluff moustache

When I went to University (1989-91) A lot of my hair was receeding and I even shaved my head with Bic razors at one point and started experimenting with the goatee look.

Mid thirties

Over time I have grown full beards for a 'look' and plays as well as the goatee and once was quite shocked when the hairdesser asked if I 'wanted the bulk taken from my eyebrows?'

The 'actor' look.
Nowadays I use a hairtrimmer and cut my own hair and often wonder why I can't grow a full head of hair on my head yet it quite happliy grows out of my ears?

Happy as I am today.


Gailsman said...

Fortunately I still have my hair, but to add to the food theme, it's acquiring that salt and pepper look. Gail insists on dying it every so often. I think I'm due for another one, as I'm getting that distinguished look again. Gail said I just look old!

Phil Lowe said...

Anne Gray: Who replied on Facebook. Thanks Anne for your lovely comment on how I look better as I age. Bless you

Phil Lowe said...

GailsMan: We all get old mate. As for dying the hair that's between you and Gail. I rather like the colour gray or for our American friends; I rather like the color gray. :0)

Marian Barker said...

Hair today ..... gone tomorrow!

Never mind "Hairy Bikers" what about "Hairless Writer"?

And remember there are three ways a man wears his hair - parted- unparted or departed

Phil Lowe said...

Marian:Haha excellent. Never heard that description before! Brill!

Cheryl said...

I love your Leo sayer look! I had a similar look back when I was eleven after getting a perm which, with my round face and wiry hair, did not look good. And your nine year old self is really adorable! But I definitely think the way you look now looks best. It really shows, how comfortable you are with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Be glad that you've got so much testosterone. You could have a full head of hair but nothing in the pants (so to speak).

Dean said...

My hair is receding and going the colour grey or the color gray, Im not bothered about the hairloss either its no use getting upset about what you havent got.

Always remember my uncle with his great comb over, Wind around and use a can of hair spray to make it stay in one piece hairstyle that used to come up like a lid or like a sharks fin in the wind and make me and my mates roll around on the floor laughing our socks off

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

genius post... my favourite is the Leo Sayer look although i'm sure this could be achieved now with a simple nylon wig.... or a bowl of tagliatelli!

Tim said...

When I start to lose my hair, I will try and think positive and consider it gaining more forehead and becoming more aerodynamic.