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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Opening jars that are stuck. A tip.

Aside from throwing them at the wall (which doesn't really help) I discovered that Lakeland sell funny flower shaped rubber grips and whoever invented these articles are genius. Struggle ye not. Get one of these rubbery gadgets. They are less than a fiver and your wrists, hands and temprement will bless the day you got one.

Open! Damn you!
Come ON!!!
Place thus
Embrace with hand and twist firmly



Anonymous said...

Good trick! My tip is to turn the jar over and smack the top squarely down on a solid wooden surface (like a large cutting board). The top will come right off after that. The only problem is if the lid is not totally flat, it could break.

Phil Lowe said...

Dedene: that sounds good albeit a bit dangerous! My friend Paul on Facebook said that he has a pair of Marigolds (rubber gloves) under the kitchen sink and he uses those in such circumstances.

Janette said...

I struggle with opening the cartons that hold orange juice or milk. The other day I ended up flattening the cardboard top and opening the plastic top with my teeth, good thing that wasn't you Phil you may have lost your dentures..

Phil Lowe said...

Janette: You are soooo cheeky Missy! good job I know you. Dentures indeed. lol

Karen said...

I just use rubber glove - I had one of those things you use but didn't like it. Or if I'm really stuck, I yell for someone (usually Steve) to help me.

Gailsman said...

A very cheap alternative is a rubber band stretched around the lid. Something my dearly departed mum used to do with sauce bottles was to put them in the jamb of the kitchen door, like a vice and then twist. Worked well, but made a mess of the woodwork!