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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Naked in a field?

The story behind the header picture.

You folks have been very kind about my new header (or should that be bottomer?) picture and I felt that it would be fun to tell you how it came to be.

A couple of Summers ago the poppies in some local fields were looking exceptionally beautiful and worthy of a cycle ride to take some photos for my flickr site. So, on a very hot and sunny Sunday afternoon  I hopped on my trusty bike and cycled the few miles to the beauty spot and public pathway with my camera. At this point I had no intention of whipping my clothes off in a field. Honest.

That afternoon, there were a few happy walkers and dopey dogs traversing the undulating path at the side of the field and me with my camera happily capturing the gorgeous red spotted field. It was almost like being in Umbria and strains of Puccini music from the film Room with a View mingled with my happy thoughts. I must have been there an hour when I decided to cycle back home and relax with a cold beer or two.

Two beers led to three enjoyed with some cheese, fresh bread and ripe tomatoes and suddenly , with potential pictures forming in my head, I was inspired to return to the fields with my camera and tripod. Off I wobbled on my bike to the field of dreams (People will come Ray) and set up my camera and tripod. I took a few practice shots to get the skyline right and things in focus and waited around, slightly nervously, for the pathways to be totally clear of walkers and scarily inquisitive doggies, before I disrobed.

I set up the camera to self time at 10 seconds and at the right moment I stripped off my top, tracksuit bottoms,  kicked off my sandals and quickly posed au natural with the bike and Mother nature. Then on the click of the camera I, even more quickly, got dressed.

On checking the picture (God bless digital cameras) I had chopped off my head.  Three attempts later and a few near misses with unseen and unheard people out walking (curse those  high hedges!)  I got what I wanted, a poetic nude shot that would be tasteful and look like something from a French film. Voila!

Have joy. Love life and be daring and poetic.



Janette said...

May you never change Mr Lowe!

Peter said...

It's a wicked pic Phil.

Yer Easter dinner looked good too.


Phil Lowe said...

Janette: Would never want to Janette. Life is fun!

Peter: Cheers for the nice comment and Easter dinner was very good esp that it was cooked very simply.

Judith said...

Haha! Great story! It's an excellent photo, too.

Gailsman said...

At least you had somewhere to park your bike!

Karen said...

Wonderful, quite wonderful. And brave. I just hope the flowers didn't tickle. :-)

Phil Lowe said...

Judith, Gailsman and Karen. Thanks for your comments.

Gailsman: I knew you would write something like that. lol

Karen: They did tickle but it was part of the fun. hehehehehe

Judith: Glad you like my story and the picture.