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Monday, 11 April 2011

a simple chicken dish

À la mode Nigel Slater I made a simple roast chicken supper dish this evening via a couple of bottles of Muriel Rioja. The chicken went in the pre-heated oven for an hour and a half un-adorned with any additives or flavourings. It was cooked on six degrees on gas. It was simply cooked with vegetable oil and I roasted some new potatoes and garlic with chives in the oven for the last half hour. A little bit of grated Parmesan cheese and a brown wild mushroom  (rescued from the back of the fridge) were added for extra texture.  For the last ten minutes I popped some haricot vertes in boiling water and added them last minute to the meal with a small amount of coarse sea salt.
Mdme Soufie et M. Harris
Drowsily and mid-Rioja I swear that Madame Soufie the cat nicked a bit of hot cooked chicken!!!! Naughty Soufie!!

I am looking after my neighbour's cats Harris and Soufie for three weeks and I spoil them rotten.

Mr Harris continued to lick himself and eyed up the chicken carcass from a discreet distance. Mdme Soufie was still licking herself from the earlier skirmish. Neither seemed interested in the Rioja.


Gailsman said...

Is that the chicken that appeared in the Sledgehammer video!

Judith said...

Mmm, the chicken looks good. And what handsome cats. I bet they're enjoying your company.

Phil Lowe said...

no idea what you mean GM. Sorry.

Gailsman said...

Sorry Phil, it's a song by Peter Gabriel, and in the video there's a dancing chicken.

Here's the link to YouTube

Phil Lowe said...

Judith: I truly believe that the cats think that my home is the extension to theirs.