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Thursday, 7 April 2011

D'une Bonne suprise.

It’s amazing what you can learn from the side of a box or actually looking at your Google emails from time to time. So, a few days ago I thought I might have a look at my neglected gmail account and amongst the few mails that go there I found a charming email from a lady at Bonne Maman. She had been reading my blog, found it witty, it made her ravenous and she enjoying reading about my life in food and my love of things French. As well as this she wanted to know if I would be keen to try the new yoghurts produced by her employer, Bonne Maman. I love the confitures they produce and had mentioned them briefly on a previous blog post about breakfasts. See blog post about breakfasts

Of course I said ‘oui’ to this surprise invite and today I received a big chilled box of goodies and a tremendous breakfast treat of a Bonne Maman apricot yoghurt (very creamy with a summery hit of apricot), and some Bonne Maman buttery gallettes with my coffee that were so delicious I had to stop myself wolfing the whole packet. As I am working late today I am going to save the Bonne Maman crème brûlée ,prepared with fresh eggs, as a treat for tomorrow night.

my yummy gifts.
Once I have finished my stash of goodies I can always pop over to the nearest Waitrose where the yoghurts are available to buy (packs of 4 x 125g ) for £2.29. The samples I received were in three wickedly tempting flavours: rhubarb, apricot and strawberry.

Over the years I have developed the habit of reading the side of the packaging that things come in and find it a good way to develop my language skills. They do say that you learn best the things you like/love and reading the French on the Bonne Maman packaging was no exception.

Yahourt à la confiture Rhubarbe

Yahourt à la confiture Abricot

Yahourt à la confiture Fraises.

Confiture de caramel.

Gallettes –butter crunch biscuits ou galettes fines au beurre frais.

Galletes – maple syrup and pecan gallettes ou galettes pécan et èrable.

Many thanks to L at Bonne Maman for this unexpected gift and the opportunity to try your superb yoghurts etc. The apricot one was so nice I might just pop to the fridge and try a strawberry one before I leave for work. Or maybe two… Would that be greedy? Oh pourquoi pas!


Jean said...

Lucky you !! I saw these yoghurts on the shelf on my recent pilgrimage to Waitrose and wondered what they were like. Now I know I should have bought them.

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

lucky you!... I love a pot of creamy yoghurt! have another on me!!!

Gailsman said...

Votre petit couchon!

And a lucky one at that. Glad to know you enjoyed your free treats.

Jean said...

I am particularly jealous of the jar of confiture de caramel.

It's great stirred into rice pud or porridge.