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Sunday, 24 April 2011

A succulent Easter Sunday lunch

What better than to choose an Easter leg of lamb for my Easter Sunday lunch. I got a whole leg of lamb from Tesco for a tenner and cooked it very simply in the oven for two hours with four cloves of garlic and four pieces of rosemary from my garden. I browned off the the boned leg (boned it myself) in olive oil and then added the trussed/browned leg to the pre-heated oven at gas mark 6 for two hours with regular turnings/bastings every three quarters of an hour The new potatoes were simply cooked  for forty minutes with a generous shake of sea salt and fresh garden mint and the pea pods were allowed to steam for the final ten minutes. I rested the lamb joint for seven minutes and made a gorgeous gravy from the cooking juices and two lamb stock cubes. A mint jelly finished the meal delightfully and next door's cats enjoyed a few warm lamb trimmings. It was almost like they had dragged the lamb kicking and screaming from the field. Well, that's what I interpreted from their lip licking and purrs. The Bordeaux wine went down well and was casually imbibed whilst watching Mama Mia the musical film which filled in time as I slowly cooked the food. Happy Easter all.

boned lamb

part browned leg of lamb with garlic and fresh pugent rosemary.
Basting the lamb in its cooking juices
cut lamb with mint jelly

Bordeaux Supérieur

The little boy Jacob at the end of my yard liked his Easter treat of a ceramic Easter egg left by the Easter bunny.

I enjoyed my food and wine and tried not to listen to the thugs in the pub next door acting as though they were on the terraces of some big gob football ground. 


Judith said...

Roast lamb with rosemary and garlic. Perfection. (Was it New Zealand lamb?) :)

Those cats (and their human) are very lucky to have you as a neighbour.

Gailsman said...

Glad you enjoyed your lunch and that you had a good day off. Not long to go until the next one.

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

you could have brought it here for me!!!.... I want that NOWWWWW!!!!!!

Phil Lowe said...

Judithy: It was New Zealand yes. Half price from Tesco. Yum.

Gailsman: Had a good day off thanks.

Dom: You should have asked I'd have cycled it over - fully dressed.

Karen said...

Not being a lover of a traditional Sunday Roast (having bottle fed lambs as a child, I simply cannot eat them), we went into Nottingham & had a Chinese/indian buffet. The best bit was no washing up.

The last time I cooked a leg of lamb was over 25 years ago....and a neighbours cat (fat Frodo, an adorable tabby with the loudest purr ever)jumped in through our small kitchen window & helped himself to the roast whilst I was setting the table in another room. I hadn't the heart to scold him, he did love it so. Needless to say, we just dined on the veggies.

Phil Lowe said...

Karen: Loved your story about your kindness to the cat that ate your lamb lunch.