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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Chicken liver pâté on toast. Hmmm!

Chicken liver pâté, I hadn't had any of this since 1983 when I first left home and lived with an actor friend called Mike Leech. I was a butcher at the time and I brought home regular collections of chicken livers from my job and Mike made the delicious spread. So, last Monday I ventured out to the Victoria Market in Nottingham and got myself a block of frozen chicken livers which I de-frosted and made the dish in my kitchen.

You don't need a great deal of ingredients: chicken livers, an onion, some freshly chopped parsley or coriander, freshly crushed garlic, a couple of slices of lean bacon, a handful of button mushrooms, bay leaves, salt and pepper, unsalted butter and half a glass of sherry or red wine. Voila! The only issue is waiting until the next day to try it!

bacon and crushed garlic frying with onion

washed chicken livers and chopped coriander

half cooked chicken livers
add two bay leaves

pour in some melted butter

stir in chopped coriander or parsley and add mushrooms
pour in sherry or red wine
cook through and bask in delicious buttery, garlicky aromas

enjoy a glass or two yourself
add mixture to food processor and blunge
place in bowls, add more bay leaves and butter on top
Now here is the really difficult bit. After all that cooking and the delicious smells you have to wait until the butter sets on top. In my case it was the next day when I could taste my dish with some toast. I had cooked enough for three shallow pie dishes so I gave away two to my neighbours who both pronounced it mouth wateringly delicious! I have to concur.

spread on toast and eat

oh yes! oh yes!


Judith said...

Oh man, I can almost smell it. Dee-lishus! You're a very generous soul to give most of it away!

Karen said...

You make it look so easy....and tasty.

Matt Walton said...

I might have to try making this. I like pâté generally, and the idea of making it myself is quite interesting.


Yes, you've got me thinking now. Thanks!

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

and this is when I wish you had a car and could get in it and drive over here and serve me 2 slices of white with your chicken liver pate... you tease!... buy a car man!

Luiz Claudio said...

Wow!!!!...It's a nice recipe bro!

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Hugs from Brazil!