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Friday, 13 May 2011

The crab invasion and trussing up pork

Paul and myself
Although my work routines, on no one day, can be said to be predictable at Tesco, as well as setting up my meat display from early this Friday morning I dedicted some of the work time, early morning, to photographically documenting the counters at the Beeston branch by taking photos of the quality displays so that we can see that excellence is being maintained week-on-week.

fish counter display
My mate Paul, the fishmonger, created a very special display today including a veritable invasion of cooked brown crabs, lobsters and crevettes as well as some delicately buttered mackerel surrounded by a fan of scallops in their shells and a piscine plethora of other fish and shellfish.

buttered mackerel

My own meat counter was full to bursting and featured freshly strung loin of pork at half price and some fabulously juicy lamb cuts, half price quality beef burgers and some choice sirloin steaks. All of which was laid out with care and attention to detail.

The deli was as top quality as ever with a tempting display of cheeses from around the World and the British Isles as well as freshly cut cooked meats and a super savouries section to draw in the ravenous. All the cheeses are hand cut and wrapped by the dedicated staff. I know as I often help to cut and wrap the cheeses.

succulent ham on the bone

olive selection

savouries section

Down at the far end the hot chickens cabinet was glowing with the moist golden colours of roasted chicken items, delectable racks of ribs, sizzling sausages and roast potatoes. Whilst these were being snapped up by the customers, even more chickens were rotating in the ovens.


rebecca said...

Hi Philip, photos look great!!! hope you've had a good day!

Jean said...

It all looks very tempting and delicious. I can tell you enjoy your work and take pride in doing a good job.

Phil Lowe said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for the comment on the photos. I enjoyed taking them and had a great day at work today. Very busy and good fun with my work mates.

Jean: Hi Jean, it is all very tempting esp the cheeses. Yum! Yes I do take especial pride in doing an excellent job. Cheers, Phil xx