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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Meeting Rick Stein and an evening with my best friend.

Today I was accompanied to Waterstones' bookshop in central Nottingham by my best friend Janette to meet the chef and author Rick Stein on his whirlwind tour of Britain doing a book signing in connection with his new book and TV series, Rick Stein's Spain. I was a bit excited (under statement of the year) as Rick is one of my big heroes and I follow his TV series and DVDs with huge enthusiasm.

The signing was at 5.30pm and I was in the ever growing queue at 4.30pm, joined shortly afterward by Janette. We chatted amicably as we waited and eventually Rick arrived outside the shop and was ushered upstairs to be interviewed by Richard Spurr of BBC Radio Nottingham. Richard, it's me who taught you to speak like David Essex on the Radio the other week!

About 5.45pm J and I reached the table that Rick was sat at and I asked him to sign my Spain book "For Frenchyphil, who's always hungry." I told Rick that I was enjoying the new series on Spanish cooking and he seemed to be amused by my request as he says in his programmes that he would always employ a chef that claimed that he was always hungry. My mate Janette took a couple of photos and I wished Mr Stein 'all the best' at his next venue in Spalding, Lincolnshire tomorrow. I guess that he was probably tired as he had already been book signing in Cheltenham that morning. He also signed the sleeve in my fave DVD, French Odyssey. I was a happy bunny.

If you would like a copy of this book you can order through this link.

me and my hero Rick Stein

Janette and I retired to the nearby Cafe Rouge and enjoyed each other's company over a meal. The food was OK but the service was very slow considering that there was hardly anyone in the bistro really. Janette was however very impressed with the amount of vegetarian dishes on offer.

When I got home I uploaded my photos and wrote this short blogpost, whilst listening to the soundtrack to French Odyssey. Good to meet you Rick and thanks for a nice evening Janette.

"You're welcome Frenchyphil"


Gailsman said...

Glad you had a good time this evening. I popped along too, for a shot or two for my blog. I wondered if I would see you, but thought that you might be the first in line!

Phil Lowe said...

GM: Almost first in line yes. Sorry that we missed each other. i do hope that you purchased one of Rick's books too.

Gailsman said...

Alas no. I'm not really into cooking that much. I just do basic stuff. I noticed today that it is presently half price at Smiths!

Phil Lowe said...

GM: It maybe that the book was half price (£12.50) at WH Smiths as it was at Tesco when I brought my copy. The point is that one does something with the text rather than just peruse.Finding some element of creation or practical/educational influence to benefit from is much more important than purchasing the book purely for a discount off the original retail price, I think.

Phil Lowe said...

I wonder what adventures Rick has next in line.