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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Too much coffee and two cafes named after me

Think that I've been drinking too much coffee of late. Must cut down.

As well as this I was amused to see yet another cafe has decided to name itself after me. Firstly we have Philowe's (Phil Lowe's yes?) in Ruddington and now in the town of Beeston another cafe has called itself after my nickname Frenchyphil on When I took the photo below the new and quite large modern cafe was teeming with young children and their parents so to me (as bloke with a camera around young kids) it did not seem a good idea to be lurking around taking pictures, however innocently on my part.


Dean said...

I dont understand too much coffee ? What does that mean :)
Great to see you are so famous in the local area.
Never forget sleep is just a symptom of caffeine deprivation !

Gailsman said...

I've not seen this one yet Phil. Not sure though if Beeston can support yet another cafe, as there is only so much trade to go round.

Peter said...

Hi Phil

I've been interested in reading your foody blog of late - and have posted a few comments. Anway, I have a present for you. I bought it last year for myself and it's been sat in my office for ages. I have lost a lot of enthusiasm - which you have in plenty, and can't really see myself using it. So i thought you might make good use of it - it will certainly help with your knowledge of food. I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

It's a bit heavy so i can't post it - I would be happy to drop it off. I can leave it at your workplace if that would suit - understand you might not want to give out your home address.

Do let me know and I can get it to you - I'm sure it will be a nice surprise.

Tried to email you but it kept bouncing back. You can email me at



Jean said...

I do wonder if so many cafés can survive. I wonder if people see opening a teashop/café as an easy way to make a living. I went to Bakewell the other day and they seem to have doubled in number since my last visit. There surely can't be a shortage to fill the demand.

I wonder how many people having a cup of tea or coffee and a cake it takes to make a café viable. How many teas and cakes can a person consume before they burst (or suffer from cupcake overload).....?!

Phil Lowe said...

Dean: your comment made me smile - a lot.

GM:It seems very much geared towards attracting young families I think and has the space inside for lots of buggies.

Peter: You are most kind. I have sent you an email from my email with some details that should be able to help you get the 'suprise' present to me. Again, thankyou for that and thankyou for keeping up with my blog.

khushi said...

Cafes named after! I've had to cut coffee, found it very hard to do so but have finally moved over to green tea.