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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Meals on Wheels with Si and Dave

I've been very busy with working overtime at work and adding final edits to my A Christmas Carol script as well as making my costume and communicating with my German friends in Karlsruhe regarding my performances in early December so forgive me for any lack of blog posts of late.

The good news is that I have discovered that Si and Dave (The Two Hairy Bikers) have started a great new series helping the folk who volunteer and run Meals on Wheels for the elderly in the UK. I have watched two episodes of the series so far and have been blown away by the positiveness that has come from their endeavours to provide fresher food and encourage volunteers across the country. So

Well done to all, Si, Dave, and the experienced helpers (often older than the folk they provide for) and the inspirational younger folk who are keen to help in whatever way they can. I was particularly impressed by the catering college students and the young chap who'd been out of work for three years yet found new positiveness from helping others. Such a change from hearing about the alleged 'youth of today' who are 'apparently' completely selfish and think only of themselves. I think that the latter is a very broad statement and that the young can be developed or encouraged to be a caring society for the future too.

I can't wait for episodes three and four.

For details on the programmes go to


khushi said...

Must say I agree with your observation about the young of today...nice to see a young one reaching out to help others. Kudos to Si and Dave. Nice post!

Gailsman said...

They are a great double act. Like the Morecambe and Wise of cookery. I didn't know that they have a new series. Must try and watch the next episode.

Hope you are OK Phil. It seems ages since you last blogged.

Phil Lowe said...

Thankyou Khushi.