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Monday, 12 September 2011

Top tip for saving money on spices

My work friend Paul recently asked me to do some spice shopping for him as he loves to make his own curries and spice blends. I found that by shopping at the ethnic stores around Nottingham that the Asian, Turkish and Chinese population use I saved him a fortune and got much better spices than you might get from a regular supermarket. I also found that the Jamaican stall in the Victoria centre had a big selection of spices and dried herbs and got some great Curry leaves from there. Shopping became an adventure and I was fascinated with all the food stuffs on offer, even though I hadn't a clue what half the products were in the Chinese mini supermarket!

On a regular note: Waitrose do a great smoked mackerel pate which I love but find hard to get.

Would love to hear of any of your 'food finds'.


Peter said...

Get yersen down to Medina superstore on the corner of Gregory Boulevard and Radford Road. I go here regularly to stock up on my spices - I'm a huge curry fan. Everything they sell is very cheap - spices, fruit, vegetables, rice, different ethnic breads. The variety is enormous too - I know a bit about food but I don't know what half the fruit and vegeables are.

You can also buy frozen fish - asian varieties such as pomfret etc, and also helal meat - lamb, mutton, chicken, guinea fowl, etc. Although helal meat isn't to everyones taste.

I can buy everything I need to make a curry for eight people for under £10 which includes my favourite bread - village lavash bread. It's certainly worth a visit.

Pak Foods at Sneinton is closer but no where near as good.

Phil Lowe said...

Oh aye, Medina are grand in that regard. love the mirrors in the ceiling but I'm always nervous of taking photos with the security cameras everywhere. I'm planning to do a blog post on some of the Asian veg at some point.

Gailsman said...

Food finds - the yellow ticket reductions at Sainsbury's. Made some great cheap meals from what was on offer, fish, veggies and not forgetting cakes and trifles!

Phil Lowe said...

Gailsman: I've almost forgiven you for likening me to Frankenstein in the 'hug' post and now you mention the 'S' word. Have you no shame? lol

The Viking said...

Love a curry and shopping as an adventure is definitely a great idea.

Much better to go to the source than a supermarket

khushi said...

Interesting! Just wondering if the Curry leaf plant can't be grown in your climes. It's so much better to use the fresh leavesthan dried ones.