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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I've won a blog award and next week, an interview!

Many thanks to Jean of for the Liebster blog award.

She very kindly described my blog as: Last but not least  to Phil who works on the butcher's counter at Tesco in Nottingham and writes wittily about food and life in Nottingham; life in general and his love for all things French.

As a big Francophile I always enjoy her view of the French way of life and the beautiful area to which she and her husband return to as often as possible. And who can blame them!!! How often have I read their posts when they have arrived late afternoon at their French property and have gravitated to the local bar for some French food and drink and would have loved to be able to join them.
On the subject of food I would like to nominate Dom at for his constant enthusiasm for the world of food and his encouragement of sharing food and drink based experiences. I sometimes wished that I drove in order to get to his kitchen out in the Lincolnshire wilds. Thanks Dom for always being there for your readers and sharing great foodie ideas and inspirations.

Another good friend in life and the blogging world is Janette currently at She always balances her blog posts with a delicate balance of humour, truth and enthusiasm for the written word. In her previous blog Janette challenged herself to achieve 40 challenges before her  40th birthday and therefore did more adventurous things than most of us might do sitting on our bottoms watching the telly every evening. Inspirational. How she manages to find time for all her writing and reading alongside her demanding job, I’ll never know but am proud to have her and her husband as my best friends.

For a long time I only knew this lady as my blogging friend FF This educated  and charming lady is a constant inspiration to all those who blog. A true survivor and a true inspiration: thank you Julie for always being there in the background and sharing your life through blogging in a discreet and intelligent way with great wit.

Finally, a chap I know from my flickr account (Gail’sMan) and his blog never fails to raise a smile through his appalling jokes (see, blokes can say this without falling out) and his gift for photography. It is no surprise that he has so many followers and he is constant in his stream of daily photography around the Nottingham area and always has something interesting to say about his subjects.

Finally, the fantastically talented artist Cheryl, whose honest watercolours are to be surely deserving of an exhibition. See Cheryl, I'm sure that you have a wordpress blog too but couldn't find it.

The rules for award winners, if you wish to take part, are: post the award on your sidebar, link to the blog that awarded it and write a post passing it on to five other blogs with less than 200 followers.

For all those who I have nominated please copy and paste your award from the link and enjoy passing on the link to five other blogs who you feel deserve the mention.  Next week I have an interview with a student who wants to interview me about the motivations behind creating and writing a blog.


Onzc said...

Congratulations. I enjoy reading your blog and always smile to myself when I see you in Beeston Tescos [not stalking you, that's just where I shop]

Phil Lowe said...

Thanks Onzc, you'll have to make yourself known when you pass by on your shopping trips around Tesco.

Gailsman said...

Thanks for the plug Phil and congrats on the award and journalistic interest in your blog. Glad you find my jokes bad. Seems that I am doing it right then!

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

wow, that is such an honour, and such lovely kind words, thank you Phil... and get a bloody car!!

Phil Lowe said...

hahahaha! thanks Onzc