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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Double Glazing with no hassle

My lovely landlady organised for all my windows in the house to be replaced with double glazed ones. As appears to be normal with double glazing the benefits will be less dust (I live next to a main road), less noise from the pubs (I live between two pubs), cheaper heating and nicer, cleaner looking windows.

So, this weekend I'd arranged some holiday time from work and on Friday I put a lot of my bits and pieces away to prevent them getting filthy from the inevitable dust and to prevent accidental breakages. On Saturday all the curtains came down and I covered what I could up with old sheets. I was going to clean the muddy paw prints from the front room windows caused by a playful cat called Loki and then I reasoned that it was pointless because the windows were about to be ripped out. Doubtless Loki will be back to put his mucky prints on the new windows.

The bedroom windows were the worst, Victorian sash windows like downstairs but the paint on the woodwork was all flaking off and the panes would run with condensation every time I had a bath, dried wet clothing in the house or if the outside temperature was colder than indoors with the heating on.

Here are a series of 'before' pictures to document the change.

peeling paint and exposed wood

the window lock in the bedroom

Bedroom window before

Here are the 'before' front room and kitchen images with everything cleared away to allow the double glazing guys a clutter free area to work in.


It took the two guys from 9.30am to 4.45pm to do all four windows. I wasn't able to have the blind back in the kitchen window (drat, no more coming downstairs naked then!) for practical reasons and there was a fair amount of filthy dust to hoover up and surfaces to wipe clean but otherwise the double glazers were very friendly and professional. I went into town and kept out their way while they were taking the old windows out.

Back of the house
Front of the house


Karen said...

I love the look of your cottage - very pretty brickwork. You will find the new windows make the house a lot warmer & really cut down on condensation. We had our windows replaced bit by bit, over several years, so we have 4 different makes, which isn't idea as some are better than others. Looking forward to the 'after' photos.

Christopher Frost said...

Looking good Phil. You may have to throw a party in the style of Abigail.

Jean said...

Probably the best part of having double glazing is the lack of condensation and the inevitable mould. It's worth the muck and aggravation of having them installed.