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Thursday, 28 March 2013

No more paper junk mail, please!

If anyone wants to:

Save money at Asda online, or in store, buy a luxury kitchen at affordable prices (endless possibilities at a Hammonds store near you), try a freshly flame grilled burger at Burger King, beat a VAT increase and own a brand new Yorkshire holiday home from £23,275, shop at the Co-Op (they have big deals for Easter and will cost you more than most other supermarkets), give to Water Aid, get MASSIVE, yes MASSIVE saving at Toys R Us (they won't be beaten on price) or pop down to Bradmore Garden Centre for Spring Savings then come round to my house. Please!!!!

I have more junk mail rubbish useful leaflets than anyone has the right to house in their home. One day I will have to leave the kitchen window slightly ajar so that when I get home I can clamber through and over the sink to the kitchen floor where I can drive my mini JCB and scoop up the mountain of junk mail to allow access to the front door. Then I will drive said mini JCB (no I don't have a licence but I do have a form offering me money off car insurance with Thora Hurd on the front - sorry that was for the Stena stair-lift)  along my path (see special offers on new Country Cottage styles from Creative Paths and Garden Accessories) to the recycling bin for paper waste.

After all this stress I will settle down and read a magazine, out of which will tumble more junk mail helpful leaflets. And relax - in a spa near you, ONLY £499 per night inc VAT and personalised soap.



Christopher Frost said...

It's surprising what rubbish, no, promotional material appears through the letterbox these days. I wonder if these companies really make any money out of doing it

philip lowe said...

Not from my house they don't Christopher although... the Saga holidays do look tempting. Hmmm, shall I?

Karen said...

At least you look at it....mine gets picked up from the floor & put straight into the recycling. Perhaps I'm missing out on a treat ot two, as you seem to get some very tempting offers!

Jean said...

I often wonder what percentage of this kind of marketing results in a sale, presumably enough to make it worth doing.

In France you will often see "pas de pub" written on letter boxes if people don't want junk mail. Others love it. Our neighbour Mme Andre reads every word and often points out bargains to be had at SuperU or Intermarche. In fact you often see people shopping with them in their hands as they search out the offers. Then they get cross in that way the French are so good at when they find that the items are sold out. It's not unusual for a store to only have one of the things in the offer, or that they haven't got the stock in until the week after the offer runs out !!