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Sunday, 26 May 2013

A very tasty Rogan Josh lamb curry

Last night I boned and cubed up a lovely blade end of lamb shoulder from Tesco. It was very lean for shoulder which can be the naturally fatter end of the lamb. Not that I mind the fatter parts of meat (often more tasty). The lamb shoulder happened to be on a half price offer so very economical shopping. This I gently fried for half an hour and added a finely chopped white onion and some chunks of de-seeded tomatoes half way through the cooking.

Next I delicately cooked through five large chopped field mushrooms in salted Normandy butter - Beurre d'Isigny- for extra texture and taste to the curry. I did these in a separate pan to concentrate the buttery taste, added a couple of shakes of black pepper near the end, partially drained and added to the beautifully cooked and tender lamb.

Lastly I added four roughly chopped cloves of garlic and left it to simmer for fifteen minutes. The aroma was fantastic. As I wanted the curry to last two or three days I decided to get two jars of Patak's Rogan Josh curry sauce and after draining off the small amount of cooking oil I introduced the cooked ingredients to the Tesco special offer Patak Rogan Josh sauce (two jars for £2.50) and stirred well. Then I got some long grain rice on the boil and within the hour my tea was ready and the house was full of the aromas of the curry. Yum!



Judith said...

Yum! Patak's products are usually pretty good. And lamb is my favourite curry.

John Medd said...

When I'm up against the clock and don't have time to make my basic curry sauce from scratch, I swear by those good people at Patak's. And their pastes, mixed with natural yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon juice, make for a great chicken tikka marinade.