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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Getting around a fiver's worth of delicious ham on the bone for under two quid.

I love cooked ham on the bone but cannot justify buying the fresh cut or pre-packaged item from a deli. The other day I was in the local butchers and he had ham hocks on sale for only £1.98. So, for the first time I learnt how to cook one of these wonders and found it very very easy. Big pan. Put the uncooked ham hock into some cold water for fifteen minutes to release some of the excess salt. Drain and pop into the deep pan with loads of water and a few bay leaves. Bring to the boil, then leave simmering with the lid on for two hours. Eat it hot if you want but I feel it is best if left until the meat is cold and left overnight in the fridge to chill. This I did and had two utterly yummy ham and tomato baguettes the next day with loads left to nibble on or mix in with some pesto and pasta. Hmmm! All that delicious meat for under £2.00! Heaven!

raw ham hock

Cooked ham and tomato baguette

cooked ham hock slightly sliced



Karen said...

Using ham hocks isn't something I'd thought of before - but its a great idea. Was it very fatty? I remember boiling a gammon joint many years ago & it was terribly espensive so I've never bothered since. But ham hocks I will try.

philip lowe said...

Hi Karen, it was a bit fatty. I discarded the outside fat but the meat itself was lovely.