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Friday, 31 May 2013

Thai chicken curry and plain boiled rice

Using coconut milk and thick double cream, delicate spring onions, lime leaves, ginger and garlic puree, lemon grass and tamarind as a curry base I cooked up some succulent breast of chicken and field mushrooms in butter and made a fabulous curry with plain boiled rice. To the paste I added a bag of flat leaved coriander (chopped and stalks discarded). This was a wonderful subtle curry with the benefits of all the ingredients being fresh. The whole thing cost me seven pound! Half the price of a take away and utterly scrummy!

Chopped chicken breast and mushrooms cooking gently in salted butter.

yellow poppies outside as I cook

Looks good and smells fragrant.

"Oh God yes!!!!"

Thumbs up!

So nice!


Karen said...

Yummy - I often make a Thai green curry, but usually use a ready made paste, & simply add coconut milk (or some of that solid coconut cream) & perhaps extra coriander & ginger. It'a good cold too, if you have any left over. I like it for breakfast!

Christopher Frost said...

I cooked a simple curry last night using ironically a jar of Patak's sauce. It was quite nice, but not really hot enough for me, although Gail said that it was a little warm for her.

You can't beat a good ruby and a nice drop of real ale

Judith said...