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Monday, 24 June 2013

A cold cooked trout salad and stir fried sirloin steak with noodles.

Cold cooked trout salad? Like a lot of good things this simple dish came about by accident. I had planned to eat an oven roasted trout for my tea with some new potatoes and green beans. I was cooking late in the evening and by the time it had cooked I wasn't in the mood any more. So I decided to let the fish cool and eat it the next day. Actually it sat in the fridge in its little foil sleeping bag for 36 hours. I don't like to waste food so I pondered what I could do with the cold fish rather than throw it away. Also I have become an convert of Tesco's tinned mixed bean salad so I combined the two and it made a very nice supper. Yes, I did have to pull a few fine bones out of the rainbow trout but the effort was worth it. And look at that lovely fishy smile.

The sirloin stir fry came about because of a special half price offer at Tesco tempting me to buy a deliciously lean sirloin steak for my evening meal. Looking for a different angle I decided to stir fry the meat and added a small half teaspoon flourish of chilli powder at the end of the stir fry cooking to add a little heat. The noodles took no time at all and made use of something I happened to discover at the back of my cupboard. This was a very tasty dish that I certainly intend to make again.

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