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Monday, 17 June 2013

Only thirty years in the making... Phil Lowe's book - Tales from the Block.

I was enormously proud to receive the very first copy of my book 'Tales from the Block' today. The quality of the publishers is truly excellent and makes my work feel even more professional than I ever envisaged. The price reflects the fact that the book is published 'on demand'  and I believe anyone purchasing the book will certainly not be disappointed. It is compiled with a great deal of passion and love. The work is full of super meat based extracts from my popular blog and my quirky insight to all my hard working years and initial training in the butchery trade in the 1970s and 80s and up to date meat cooking ideas all illustrated with my fabulous foodie photos lovingly created in my bijou kitchen in rural Nottinghamshire. I love it and hope that you all will too!

To remind you all - Tales from the Block - can be purchased from: Tales from the block book.


PSFT said...

. . .well done Phil - the preview on the Blurb site looks fantastic - my order will be winging it's way in shortly . . .

philip lowe said...

Thanks Paul, I appreciate any orders and know that my book will be a good read and unique.