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Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Great Notts Show, an extravaganza of good taste.

On the Old Market Square this weekend Nottinghamshire folk and visitors from far and wide are able to enjoy a real taste of what Nottingham has to offer. I went around lunchtime yesterday to check out the vibe. The Market Square and surrounding streets were packed with stalls and marquees promoting and selling quality products including food and drink by local business and restaurants such as Memsaab, Eviva Tavern and The Wollaton.

More about the event can be found at this link.

I bumped into Johnny Pusztai in the marquee (with chandeliers no less) and he said that his JT Beedham Butchers stand was doing a roaring trade in burgers and sausage cobs plus extra sales in fresh meat to take away and that he was looking forward to challenging the kids to make a better burger than him. Back at his shop in Sherwood the guys are currently preparing for their first time at the Goose Fair.

                                              Sam from JT Beedham awaits another order.

I also had a chat with my friend Ade Andrews famous around Nottingham and beyond as Robin Hood and Ezekial Bone the best ghost story teller in the Midlands. He was having a busy day as Robin Hood and he said that he had been reading my blogs and really enjoying my writing. Check out Ade's website at for a great flavour of what he does.

All around me people were enjoying the event, the food, the music, the local beers in the beer tent and the glorious weather. Here are a few pictures I took to document the time I spent at the event. I shall certainly be going back today to enjoy the Great Notts Show.


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Karen said...

We missed you....though we were there early from about 10.30 until just before noon. It was enjoyable, though I restrained myself & only bought a curry mix, a bottle of rapeseed oil & some coffee.