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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Great British Baking - in France

I'm not a baker myself but I have a lovely friend Jean who lives to bake and I would highly recommend a visit to her blog for inspiration. She also lives some of the time in France so her cakes and tarts can have a French flavour. The last blog post she did had me practically licking the screen to savour her quiche! Then there are the tarts, the flammekeuche, the bread the cakes!!

So without further ado here is a link to Jean's blog. Happy baking!


Karen said...

Thanks Phil - as a keen baker myself, I love seeing what others bake. She has made some mouthwatering creations. I especially like the blackberry & apple tarte tatin, which i hope to try if I can pick wild blackberries at the weekend.

philip lowe said...

Karen: Have fun with the blackberry picking. I went foraging a few weeks ago and found one area not quite ready for picking and conversely another area near to my village whose bushes were bursting with big fat blackberries.

Ian Bowland said...

We picked some fantastic blackberries down at Attenborough this year. Best for a number of years