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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I think I'm turning Japanese... I really think so!

As I type I am listening to Stephen Sondheim's ENO recording of Pacific Overtures (full version). Of late I have been trying to eat more healthily and have found myself the benefactor of a diet of noodles and fresh veg and stir fried meat.

Celery stalks and thyme for added flavour.

Whilst my three days worth of shin beef stew hardly counts as Japanese I have been feeding myself on supermarket sushi and other times a quickly fried sirloin steak/chicken breast with noodles and fresh vegetables with 'Squid' brand fish sauce (oops, it appears that the bottle should have been used by November 2011!!) and a light soy sauce - still in date.

Today I went all Danish and enjoyed a pack of Gravlax (Gravadlax) with a dill and mustard dressing. The Scottish salmon used for this gravadlax is Freedom Foods certified which means that the fish is farmed responsibly. Gravadlax, first requires the salmon to be cured with a precise blend of salt and sugar. Then it is marinated with lemon oil, dill, lemon pepper and cracked black pepper. It is smoked by experts who use time honoured methods to give it a succulent texture and rich aromatic flavour. The smoking takes place over gently smoking oak chips and left to mature over 24 hours for a deep succulent taste. Incidently a pack of Gravadlax would normally cost a fiver. As most of the customers in my supermarket aren't over familiar with the delicacy I managed to get it at a discounted price of two pounds to be used by the 19th.

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