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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast - Colwick Cheese.

Alright, Jamie got his 'Colics' mixed up with his 'Col-wicks' a few times but overall he and Jimmy did a great job of re-introducing and presenting our historically famous and versatile soft Colwick cheese on Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast  (Friday 10th January Channel 4).

The Radio Times described the show to be  a 'scrambly, bouncy, boysy cooking show'. My spell checker was not at all happy with a few of the words there but I guess the format that dashed across country from a funky pop up cafĂ© on a pier at Southend on Sea to Nottingham's fair city and Jamie's Italian with a pop into Nottingham's best deli - Delilah Deli - on route could be called scrambly.

Although the Olympic runner Usain Bolt's pieces featuring his Aunty Lilly's jerk pork, golden Jamaican yams and homemade fluffy dumplings as interpreted by Jamie and a tandoor made from a clean dustbin, a large plant pot and some bricks with heated coals created by Jimmy Doherty were interesting the highlight for me was the Colwick Cheese and the success it appears to be having with its versatility in homes and restaurants from Nottingham and spreading rapidly outwards. Good for us!!!

I watched the show on my Hudl on 4OD.


Karen said...

We saw the end bit, with Usain Bolt, & hope to see the whole show on catch-up TV. It certainly looked interesting, & I can remember you mentioning the programme in one of your blog posts from the summer when it was filmed. One of my cousins was so inspired by the home made tandoor, she's going to make one herself for her allotment.

Jean said...

We saw it and remembered your evening "with Jamie" and the cheese last year.
Colwick does look a lovely cheese and one thing about Jamie is that he's definitely a champion for the underdog, not afraid to ruffle feathers and put his foot in it.

I thought the programme was a bit too casual and blokey though. I'm not sure how many new converts to the cause of cooking he might get from the blokes as a result!