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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My foodie start to the New Year. Just call me Le Rosbif!

A good sized rib roast joint of beef would normally cost me £30 plus. Lovely though it would taste this is way beyond my purse so as the ribs were on offer over the Christmas period at work I kept my eyes open for a bargain and a bargain I  got! Due to the half price offer and a further date related reduction and some Tesco money off vouchers I  got a fab bit of beef on the bone for five pounds!

I cooked it simply for two and a half hours in an inch of water with a few pieces of star anise. The potatoes were cooked in goose fat. Sublime! Happy New Year!!!!

Here are some pictures of the cooking process.



Karen said...

As usual it looks delicious Phil. And you have reminded me that I forgot to use the new jar of goose fat, which has been in the fridge for months,for roasting spuds on Christmas Day.

Jean said...

Happy New Year Phil,
Once again you remind us that you don't need to be mega rich to eat like a king. Your beef dinner looks delicious!

Karen said...

Are you OK? No blog update since this one.

philip lowe said...

Aaaah, thanks Karen. Yes I'm fine thankyou. Just been sorting a lot out since Christmas and have been concentrating on my actor/writer blog and making videos on Youtube.

philip lowe said...

Happy New Year Jean!!!