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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Squid and Madagascan prawns stir fry... hmmm!

This was a lovely tasty stir fry I made this evening for ease of cooking. Most of the ingredients came 'ready to use' from Tesco. I used a Tesco Chinese style stir fry sauce ( ginger, garlic, soya sauce etc.) that I added in last minute and stirred until deliciously warmed through and served in a pre- warmed bowl. I used six Madagascan prawns that come whole and have to be de-constructed i.e.: head taken off and meat pulled out of the flimsy shell. This is easy enough. Just make sure that you remove the grey green slime that sits below the head and runs along the back of the prawn. The neighbours cats - Soufie and Harris enjoyed a little raw taster along the culinary route. Meow!

I also purchased four squid pieces and washed them under the cold tap and sliced them into rings and left the head and tentacles mostly whole. The squid and prawns I quickly stir fried until they had lightly cooked (prawns pink and squid chewy but edible - deffo not chewy! Next I added the smallest sprinkling of chilli powder and stirred it into the fishy mix along with some sea salt for extra saltiness.. After they had cooked I removed them from the heat for a few minutes and drained off the oil whilst I vigorously stir fried the crunchy veg and the pre cooked noodles in a splash of fresh sunflower oil. Then I added the Chinese stir fry sauce and once warmed through I enjoyed the spicy crunchy fishy stir fry! All in all it took less than half an hour to cook and enjoy.

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