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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Three nations sausage casserole. And they say men can't multi - task.

How about this then. Saturday afternoon I cleaned the bottom portion of my house (kitchen and front room) and made a three nation sausage casserole. You may not have heard of a three nation casserole and that is because I made up the title after an attempt to use up some sausage items in my fridge. The majority of the sausages were Black Farmer English sausages, plain pork but very meaty. The second sausage was half a chorizo ring sliced and the third was a newly discovered smoked sausage. It was newly discovered even though it had been in my fridge since May 2015. The newly discovered aspect was that it should have been used in May! Regardless I added it into the sausage casserole mix on the final part of the cooking process. It was after all a cooked garlic sausage from Poland called Kielbasa czosnkowa and despite the months old use by date it still looked OK as I took it out of its packaging. Well there was no mould and the name was sure to play havoc with my computer spell checker or is that spell 'chzechor'?

In case you are wondering the fridge freezer is under my staircase alongside a dry foods storage space and below that a hoover and some shoes and fluff.

In my casseroles I always use Tesco's Everyday Value plum or chopped tomatoes. For such a reasonably priced item they always taste delicious and are really economical or ecumenical as my spell chzeckor wants to get religiously correct. Bless it. I say tomato you say tomato.

I used a new style sausage casserole mix brought from Tesco some while ago to add even more onion flavour to the mix. The red onions themselves were on reduction at my local Co-Op store at only 39p for six. Three of them sacrificed themselves, had their skin ripped off and were slaughtered and cooked for my casserole.

I made my usual Patatas Bravas as a fiery roast potato ingredient but this time I reduced the sauce to a thicker consistency before adding it to the fat drained roasties. The resultant Patatas Bravas only took ten minutes in the oven to finish and the sauce had gone pretty intensely dry by the time I took the dish out of the oven. There is enough sausage casserole left for at least another three days.

Now perhaps it is time to tackle the bathroom and bedroom! Maybe tomorrow.

Thank God he has put that noisy hoover away.


Robert said...

Great post. Love sausages and buy mine from Barnsdale Butchers in Beeston. Love them diced with stewed red onions and pasta, but today it is your cats which have stolen my heart and that of my wife. Really enjoy your blog.

Phil Lowe said...

Cheers Robert. I see that Barnsdale's do a great range of sausages and some unusual ingredients too. Despite where I work I do love to see local businesses thriving, especially butchers. Cats belong to my neighbour but they are almost a permanent fixture in my house! Keep reading my blog and do share it with others. Phil x